Uncommon Marrakech

Discover Some Of The City’s Secret Charms And Experiences, Each Hand-Picked By Local Insiders

The whirl of colors, cacophony of sounds, and heady scent of roses, oranges, and spices that permeates the air are just some of what makes Marrakech, Morocco so distinctive—and so unforgettable. Set in the mid-western part of Morocco, just north of the Atlas Mountains, this is a city that can get under your skin, drawing you back time and again with its traditional souks, artisan-crafted palaces, and pink-hued buildings that seem to glow in the right light. It’s easy to see why generations of artists, designers, and writers—from Matisse and Paul Bowles to Yves Saint Laurent and The Rolling Stones—have landed here in search of inspiration.

Many of the places that enchanted those creative types still stand strong. Under the shadow of the tower of the Koutoubia Mosque, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jemaa-el Fna, remains vibrant with a carnival-like atmosphere, a place for fresh-squeezed orange juice and street food in the day, and snake charmers and musicians in the evening. Notable sites like the Ben Youssef Madrasa—a wonderland of traditional tile work—and Yves Saint Laurent’s Majorelle Gardens continue to tell the city’s design stories, while the markets reveal how ancient traditions have been kept alive.

But while deeply rooted in history, Marrakech is also an ever-changing city that is plugged-in to contemporary style and culture. Beyond the old town walls, neighborhoods like the Gueliz, with its French-Moroccan Art Deco buildings, are lined with chic boutiques, see-and-be-seen cafes, and chef-driven restaurants. Further out, the Palmeraie area beckons with golf courses, organic farms, and peaceful day clubs.

Marrakech is a city where unexpected delights are often hidden away behind walls or just beyond a twisty corner. Our guide will have you looking deeper to find uncommon experiences—and coming up charmed every time.

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